Alvi Common

 AlviCommon is a major component.

It is divided into sections:

Globals (global variables),

Settings (,player),

2d Settings(layer collision),

Dialogs(Dialogs Editor,shortcuts in dialogs)

Inventory(Menu for Interactive)



In this section you can set global variables 

These variables are visible in AlviScripts

supported types:string,Interactive Object(AlviEvent class)

Number,GameObject,Audio Clip

If you choise "Delete" variable will be removed




Game Camera - Camera which shows the player

Navigation Layer Mask:mask for navigation object (eg. FLOOR)

Exclude Layers Mask:Mask for interactive with object(eg. INTERACTIVE)

Help Particle:particle for button "Show interactive"


 Dialogs Editor:open Dialogs Editor

Show Text On Screen:default value for show text (in dialog you can change this option)

Default Object for screen text:GUI object for text

Camera for Dialog: camera which shows the people in the dialogues

Buttons for choices: buttons for choices in dialog

Default First person text color - default text color in dialogs

Shortcuts in Dialogs:shortcuts that you can use presented in the dialogues


 Menu for Interactive Object-menu eg. to see things that the player have


Show Untrnslated Text in Console- (for Unity editor)

Save Untranslated Text to file - create TXT file in Alvi\Translate with untranslated text.