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Alvi - Elements

AlviCommon - component for configure game
AlviGUI - objects for GUI (Inventory,Equipment etc.)
FreeCamera - example camera
Camera Equipment - objects for preview equipment
AlviHUDPOIUICamRoot - markers for quests
MsPLayer - example player
PreviewItem - objects  for preview items


Alvi Common

Alvi Event

Dialogs Editor

Function List in LuaConstructor

Anim - Command to Mecanim
    Example - selected:Anim("Idle",true)
CallEvent - Call Event
    Example - CallEvent("OnClick")
ChangeLang - Change Language - write languaga number (wrie -1 for disable translation)
    Example - ChangeLang(-1)
CheckItemInPocket - Check item in pocket
    Example - if selected:CheckItemInPocket("book") then
CollideOff - disable collisions in object
    Example - this:CollideOff()
CollideOn - enable collisions in object
    Example - this:CollideOn()
Format: Delay(time)
    Example - Delay(1.5)
Destroy - The object will be destroyed now or if a time is specified t seconds from now.
    Format: Destroy(gameobject, time ); \nExample: Destroy(this,3)           
DialogAndWait - Run Dialog and wait for ending
    Example - DialogAndWait("Dialog1")
Disable - Disable object
    Example - Disable(this)
Enable - Enable object
    Example - Enable(this)
GetItem - Get item by name
    Example - this:GetItem("canister")
GetLastItem - Get last added item from inventory
    Example - this:GetLastItem()
GetLastItemName - Get last added item name from inventory
    Example - this:GetLastItemName()
GoTo - Player go to object
    Example - selected:GoTo(this)
Log - Debug function - Write in console text or number
    Example - Log("comment")
LookAt - Person look at other person
    Example - selected:LookAt(this)
PickUp - Player pick up object
    Example - selected:PickUp(this)
PlayAudio -Play audio clip. Format: PlayAudio(AudioClip)
    Example: PlayAudio(clip)
PlayText - Display text on screen and speak this
    Example - selected:PlayText("text to display")
Random-Format: Random(max_number)
    Example - Random(100)
ShowInventory - Show Object Inventory
    Example - ShowInventory(selected)
Spawn - Spawn object - Format - Spawn(object,position,rotation)
    Example - Spawn(autoObject_0,Vector3(0,0,0),Vector3(0,90,0))
SpawnToObject - Spawn object to object
    Example - SpawnToObject(autoObj_0,selected)
StopMove - Stop character move
    Example - this:StopMove()
TakeItem - Take item and place it in inventory
    Example - selected:TakeItem(canister)
TriggerOff - disable triggers in object
    Example - this:TriggerOff()
TriggerOn - enable triggers in object
    Example - this:TriggerOn()
WaitForEndAction - Wait for end action for example if you write command selected:GoTO(this) this function will be wait until the object target
    Example - WaitForEndAction(selected)



Interactive/OnUse - Event when a object is clicked.

Interactive/OnDrop - Event for item and person when the item is droped

Interactive/OnGive - Event for item and person when the item is given












Lua Documentation


Events when button "Give" is clicked

Event "OnGive" [for the person who gives]

Event "OnGive" [for the Item]

Event "OnReceive" [for the person who receives]