It is a conversation system. You can use it to add conversations, logical instructions or to control the conversation

First open Dialog Editor in AlviCommon Component

Dialogs Editor and Text Field


 Dialog properties and local variable

Name - Dialog name
Menu - Create submenu in dialogs menu
Background AudioClip - play music during conversation
Local Variable - local variable for conversation control

Add Dialog - Add new dialog
Add Conversation Node - Add node for conversation, Lua code, choices etc.

Node Properties

Start Node - determines the starting node

choice command to paste - button for paste command
Command to Mecanim-[anim:Object,Mecanim Param,value]
Camera switch to object-[camera:person]
Play audio file from Resource\\Audio-[audio:filename]
End text for audio file-[audio:end]
Set autocamera on-[autocamera:on]
Set autocamera off(default)-[autocamera:off]
mute on-[mute:on]
mute off(default)-[mute:off]
show text(default)-[showtext:on]
hide text-[showtext:off]

In textbox you can write conversation
[person name] -name from "Shortcut In Dialogs" in AlviEvent Component


 Dialogs Editor - Instructions


In this place you can write Lua code (Text Mode) or use the wizard
(button Edit or Add Instruction in Wizzard Mode).


 Dialogs Editor - Alternatives


In this place you can create choices in dialog.

Dialogs Editor - Logical (IF)

Check condition and directs the path in the right direction. 

 Dialogs Editor - Logical (Random)

Directed path in a random direction.

Dialogs Editor - Logical (Lua script)

Run Lua code, check result and directs the path in the right direction.